Sanitation Technician - Wolcott, NY


Responsibilities of our Sanitation Technician:

  • Cleaning and sanitation of the egg grader, the packing room, and may include the cooler and the dry storage warehouse.
  • Can be counted on to meet or exceed standards in the tasks performed for the department without sacrificing quality or personal safety.
  • Maintains a clean and organized work area to avoid accidents and encourages the team to do the same.
  • Looks for opportunities to eliminate re-work, waste, etc., and informs management of potential hazards.
  • Prior to beginning cleaning and sanitation; works with packaging area to ensure that products are packaged in the correct carton/cases.
  • Monitors products for valid dates (sell by, use by, and packaging dates).

Technician Duties:

  • Ensures proper handling and operating of all warehouse equipment and machinery.
  • Provides proper cleaning and sanitation of egg grader, packing room, cooler and dry storage warehouse.
  • Performs other job duties as required

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